Cornell Johnson Redesigns its Two-Year MBA Program
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The Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University will offer a new curriculum focusing on leadership, critical thinking and mdeling and decision analysis starting in 2016.

The faculty of Johnson spent two years reviewing the existing curriculum and gathered data from more than thousand participants using peer benchmarking, surveys and focus groups. They identified three major themes for the revamped curriculum.

  • Modeling and Decision Analysis: Students will learn how to organize and analyze data for an information system that will improve data-driven decision making with useful insights.
  • Personal and Leadership Skills: Before entering the program, participants will take the Johnson 360 Leadership Assessment. This evaluation was designed to help them identify their strenghts and weaknesses. They will follow a personalized plan to develop the particular leadership style that matches their strenghts throughout the program.
  • Integrative and Critical Thinking Skills: During the first semester, students will gain skills in critical thinking. They will learn how to interpret, integrate and synthesize information for making quality decisions even in the face of challenges such as unpredicted and changing circumstances, imperfect or incomplete information and complexity of human nature.

Students will have access to new elective courses to build skills and knowledge specifics to their goals and interests. Among the new electives courses being offered in the second year are:

  • "The Art of Innovation: A Design Thinking Immersion and Making Design Thinking Work": Students will learn how to approach innovation by applying the Deisgn Thinking concept popularized by IDEO founder, David Kelley. They will participate in a challenge provided by a real sponsor and get involved in cross-disciplinary teams where they will be immersed in the entire design thinking cycle.
  • "Core Leadership Skills for a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World": The course will further expand the skills in leadership acquired during the program by exchanging with former U.S. Army General George Casey, Jr. It will consist of four modules: Leadership Principles for a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World; Developing and Communicating Vision and Strategy; Setting Conditions for Success; Character and Leadership.
  • "FinTech Trek and Hackathon": Students gather at Cornell Tech in New York City to gain knowledge about new technologies applied to finance. For about 24 hours, FinTech developers and designers work together to develop financial products or services by using APIs and platforms from technology partners.

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