Oxford University (Saïd) Announces Major Changes to its MBA program
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Professors Peter Tufano, dean of Saïd Business School (SBS) has announced major changes to the full-time Oxford MBA program. The new format will be introduced in September 2014.

Courses in core business disciplines have been extended and strengthened and a larger choice of electives course will be offered. Additionally, students will be able to develop skills such as presentation, networking, time management or confidence with an executive coach through a talent development program.

The program will be reshaped around three themes :

  • Global rules of the game : Students will learn to challenge the rules of the game that structure the global economy, multinational corporations, cooperations across borders which affect the business opportunities. "From the basis of sound knowledge, our MBAs should be questioning the status quo and asking how fit for purpose these rules are." said Professor Tufano "They can identify the mechanisms to influence or indeed change the system. We have a young and innovative group of faculty with deep insight in this area, as well as learned colleagues from across the University, who together are going to take forward this exploration. As a result, our students will be well equipped not just to play the game but to change the game."
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  • Entrepreneurship : "We define entrepreneurship as the ability to effectively deploy resources to devise business solutions to complex and multifaceted challenges. Entrepreneurship is a mind-set from which all organisations doing business in the 21st century can benefit" explained Dr Brown. "Through collaboration between the MBA programme, the Entrepreneurship Centre and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, the School offers an extensive portfolio of activity and support in this area, including a redesigned Entrepreneurship Project in which students work in teams through the stages of taking a business idea to fruition".
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  • Responsible leadership : "We are taking an interdisciplinary view of the role of the corporation in society, and the related ethical and governance challenges that confront business leaders" said Dr Brown. "We want to explore what leadership means in the 21st Century in a global context. This will be an energising and challenging course which will move from the systems and societal level to the individual, and examine students' own values, career goals and responsibilities as leaders."
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