New Book Warns That MBA Bubble is About to Burst

Marketing professional and MBA Mariana Zanetti challenges the traditional Master of Business Administration hype, explaining in her new book, 'The MBA Bubble: Why Getting an MBA Degree Is a Bad Idea' (ISBN: 1490942939), how obtaining this degree can negatively impact people's careers and lives.

'The MBA Bubble' asserts that an educational bubble has been built up around the MBA degree to convince people that it is a necessity. While MBA tuition has increased more than 60 percent since 2005, the added value of these programs is almost nonexistent. In a highly personable but straight-talking way, Zanetti explains why these programs are ruinous investments that do not train for today's business world and condemns the deceitful marketing tactics used by the traditional business-education industry. Even when she met all the professional goals she set for herself by pursuing an MBA degree, the author argues that her degree was not the cause of her success, and considers her MBA a huge mistake. Business sense, she emphasizes, is what is necessary, as benefits like salary improvement and new skills are obtainable without piling on the debt often required to get the degree.

In her book, Zanetti analyzes the anatomy of her own mistaken decision to pursue an MBA degree: Encouraged by the fact that everyone else was getting the degree and saying it was a good investment, she enrolled in the program without asking herself too many questions. This is the way, she affirms, most bubbles are formed, and she encourages the reader to ask the right questions before taking the plunge. It's a word of caution that she is determined to get out before the MBA bubble bursts.