A Domain Name in Dot MBA ?

A website in executive.mba, online.mba, france.mba, gmat.mba ? Soon, anyone will be able to acquire a domain name in dot MBA.

Last month, Donuts, Inc, won the deal to operate the extension .mba. The startup, which was created to be a registrar of new generic top-level domains (new Gtld) such as .today, .finance, .chat, or .email, was in contention with Google and Your Dot PhD. However, Google will operate the extension name .phd whereas Your Dot PhD couldn't acquire any of those.

".MBA is for any person or organization that has an affinity with those three letters." said Mason Cole, Vice President of Communications and Industry Relations at Donuts. "Obviously there's an immediate association with the Master's of Business Administration degree, but MBA can and does have alternate meanings. The extension is actually open to anyone who would like to use it."

However, new Gtlds offer an interesting alternative to the 22 top-level domains (.com, .net, .org, .gov etc) which for some of them are present on the web for over two decades and run out of space. After a long process, ICANN, the regulator of the domain name system of the internet, decided to make available over 1100 new extension names to offer more choices: .hotel, .restaurant, .wine,.plumbing... New spaces are open for more domain names possibilities. Also, new businesses and websites will strongly associate their names with a meaningful extension name helping solidifying their brands.

However, most generic names are sold very fast like coffee.club which was bought for a price of $100,000. Some of them were acquired by speculators who expect to sell at a higher price. For instance, mba.international and are mba.club on sale for $5,000 on Sedo, a domain name auction platform.

Will a website in .mba be ranked better than a .com equivalent ? Clearly no. Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google and currently on temporary leave, made a clear statement that this won't affect the ranking in the search engine. So, a domain name shouldn't be purchased on the purpose to appear in the first pages of search results.

"The name will open first in a 60-day "sunrise" period; during this time only those with registered trademarks may secure names in .MBA" said Mason Cole. "Following that period, the name will open to anyone interested in a registration."