ESCP Europe and Tonji University signed a strategic partnership agreement

The President of Tongji University PEI Gang went to visit with a delegation the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP) and ESCP Europe Business School, one of the top Business School in Europe on November 18. The guests were welcomed by the President of CCIP Mr. Pierre Antoine GAILLY.

On this occasion, Professor Edouard HUSSON, Dean of ESCP Europe Business School, France and Professor HUO Jiazhen, Dean of School of Economics and Management (Tongji SEM), signed a general agreement on global strategic partnership.

Tongji SEM has already launched international programs as Tongji-Mannheim Double EMBA Degree Program, and the China, India and US Global MBA Program. TONGJI SEM will be the first business school in mainland China to expand its education to Europe, while ESCP Europe will enter Shanghai and implement its strategic plan in Asia. Tongji SEM and ESCP Europe have already launched a double master's degree in Management in 2005. Every year, about 10 students from each school are sent respectively to the other school to seek for the double degrees and tuition fees are waived mutually. The two parties have formed mutual trust towards each other from this cooperation. This newly launched partnership will help broaden collaboration in master double degree programs an all-round cooperation in double master's degree programs and further carry out in-depth cooperation in faculty, executive training, scientific research, and teaching facilities.
MUST (Management of Urban Smart Territories)

Students of this newly program (MUST) in collaboration with INSPER Business School (Brazil)will come from France, China and Brazil and spend one week in each continent. The two parties will launch the first high-end executive program focusing on "Smart Cities" early in 2014. It is expected that the program will be connected with the construction of China Smart City and International Smart City and to finally improve the building of domestic smart cities to be more internationally oriented. The two business schools will also launch an Executive MBA next year.

"This partnership will become a role-model for the cooperation between business schools in Europe and East Asia. Entrepreneurs in East Asia and Europe will be able to exchange and learn with each other in the same classroom." says Professor Jiazhen HUO, Dean of Tongji SEM.
Professor Edouard HUSSON, Dean of ESCP Europe adds, "Strategically speaking, business schools in developing countries will become the focus of our partners in the future as this will help us build a more comprehensive international cooperation."
This win-win partnership is targeted to create an comprehensive channel to develop entrepreneurs and management talents with Chinese-western and global perspective, and to enhance interactions between business schools in Europe and Asia.

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