IESE MBA Program Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
IESE MBA Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
IESE MBA Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

The 50th cohort of IESE MBA has started classes this month in Barcelona. The Spanish business school celebrates 50 years of its flagship program since its inception.

This year, 291 students of whom 83% are international and come from 57 countries : 25% from Asia, 23% from Europe, 20% from Latin America, 13% from North America and 2% from the Middle East.

The IESE full-time MBA program was launched in 1964 under the guidance of the Harvard Business School through the Harvard-IESE Committee. It was the first two-year MBA program in Europe and the first MBA program in Spain. In 1980, it became the first bilingual MBA in the world. IESE expanded the program with exchange programs with top-ranked business schools and new courses in New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Nairobi.

Since 1973, the business school has promoted entrepreneurship among students and graduates. These include social events such as breakfasts with entrepreneurs organized by EIC and Entrepreneur's Organization or the Doing Good and Doing Well Conferences. About 33% percent of graduates go on to become entrepreneurs. They can receive advise and support from the IESE BUsiness Angels Network and finance their projects via FINAVES, a venture-capital fund.

"The 50th anniversary of IESE's MBA program marks an important step in IESE's history, and reflects how the program has been able to continually adapt to the times, while keeping intact its essence and core values - development of leaders who have a truly positive impact, wherever they are." said Franz Heukamp, IESE's MBA Director "The rightful protagonists of this anniversary are the many thousands of alumni of the MBA Program who each day contribute to the improvement of the life of others through their work, the interest they take and the affection they show."

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