A Self-Learner who Designed his Own International Management Program (page 3/3)

Today, I am an engineer. But I also know about market trends, can plan business strategies, take part in trade negotiations, understand government policies, and can easily guess the impact of monetary policy changes. I can innovate, do programming, and can talk with different groups of people. I am someone with inter-cultural work experience and team working ability, who is already appreciated for his leadership and managerial skills.

MT : What will you do next ? What kind of job are you looking for your career ?

A.K. : I have mentioned some of the unique skill sets I have developed by working in different activities in the past 10 years. Currently, I am developing my website www.ankitkhandelwal.in to bring all these skills to the public. I guess, I am the first person who has attempted & finished pursuing an International MBA in this unique way, so people will be curious about my work. I am documenting my entire two year experience to let people know more about my project. I am also going to publish some videos in upcoming weeks to share some of my learning experiences. I am also helping some researchers to understand this new form of learning, and sharing my experiences at some of the online course provider websites (edX, Saylor.org, Alison.com, Iversity.org etc). After that, I look forward to joining the corporate world. I have not decided any job titles, but I believe you can already sense my aim from my answer to the first question.