University of Vermont and Vermont Law School collaborate for a new accelerated MBA

Vermont Law School and the University of Vermont are collaborating to enhance opportunities for students to receive both the newly created Accelerated Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA at the School of Business Administration and a law or masters degree at Vermont Law School. This collaboration will train tomorrow's leaders in both business and law to create profitable and sustainable business opportunities and social enterprises.

Students who take advantage of these accelerated programs, in addition to guaranteed acceptance for qualified students, can earn both the MBA and an Accelerated JD in three years, two years less than the typical time required. The coordination of these programs will also be attractive to foreign lawyers seeking highly specialized training in business, law, and the regulatory process in the United States. This collaboration allows students to enter the job market sooner and thereby reduce the overall costs associated with obtaining these advanced degrees. This collaboration is part of a larger effort between UVM and Vermont Law to create concentrated combined degree programs that benefit students. Earlier this year, UVM and Vermont Law announced an initiative to develop a "3-2" program that will allow students to earn an undergraduate and law degree in just five years.

The collaboration includes the following elements:
  • Vermont Law faculty will participate each academic year as visiting faculty in the accelerated MBA program, beginning in September 2014.
  • Students who graduate from either the accelerated MBA program or any of Vermont Law School's degree programs will be guaranteed admission to the other program, provided they meet certain entrance requirements.
  • Vermont Law students will have the opportunity to take elective MBA courses at UVM, giving the students from both programs the opportunity to study together.

"This agreement signals a new level of cooperation and engagement between the University of Vermont and Vermont Law School," said Cheryl Hanna, Professor of Law and Vice President for External Relations at Vermont Law School. " Most importantly, this agreement permits students at both UVM and Vermont Law School to benefit from the academic and degree synergies that exist between our schools. Our faculty and students are excited to be part of the most forward-thinking MBA program in the country."

"I am thrilled and delighted that Vermont Law School faculty and students will soon be an important part of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA," said Sanjay Sharma, Dean of the School of Business Administration. "Vermont Law School is the top-ranked environmental law program in the nation, and will make an important contribution to our curriculum. We have much to learn from each other, and I know there will be new opportunities that emerge from this initial collaboration."

The collaboration is expected to commence in the fall of 2014.

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