Bakhtar University - موسسه تحصیلات عالی باختر

Bakhtar University

موسسه تحصیلات عالی باختر
Kart-e-Char, Kabul, Afghanistan
+93 78 635 3535
Website :  

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Bakhtar University is a private higher education institution established in 2005. The university offers degrees in Business, Finance and Information Technology.

Bakhtar University is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan.

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Part-time program

Courses are taught in English.
SpecializationHuman Resource Management, Marketing, Finance, Leadership
Duration18 months
Cost246,000 AFN


Bakhtar University MBA

Bakhtar University is the best source of offering MBA studies in recent years. and i am going to pursue my MBA studies with this honored university in year 2017, But my concern is about Fee structure and payment. payment of 12500 Afs is a very huge amount considering the current Eco situation of the country. I wish the honored head figure the Bakhtar University would review the fee amount and structure and payment with regards Faraidoon ( Ghyasi)

Bakhtar University MBA

Best Teachers But Worst Management