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The Open University holds triple-crown accreditation .

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Online program

Courses are taught in English.
Duration2-7 years
CostUK: £15,152 - £16,976
Republic of Ireland: £17,669 - £19,599
Other EU: £18,412 - £20,396
Rest of the world: variable
Admission Requirements
  • A Bachelor's degree awarded with honours from a recognised UK university or the equivalent
  • A minimum of three years' experience in a managerial, professional or technical role
  • A good knowledge of the English Language


The Open University MBA

The MBA modules I've undertaken have each included monthly tutorials (usually on a Saturday) a residential school (long weekend) and some on-line interaction. I've not done the pure online version of the MBA so I can't really comment there. I guess this format is useful if you cannot participate face-to-face. The OU course material provided is very solid and inclusive. There is an online library available for further research if needed. One of the benefits of the OU is flexibility which is especially helpful if there are busy times in your work or personal life. You can take short breaks (e.g. 6 months) from study if needed provided you keep to the rules, which for my MBA is complete within 10 years and also pass at least 1 module every 2 years.